Sorgente on FIRE in Marseille!

The 2015 Sosh Freestyle Cup…

Marseille is and always has been an amazing skate destination. The Parc du Prado has been a staple forAlex Sorgente European skaters for over 20 years and this year was no different. The week on the French Riviera starts out with a killer party in the village on the beach right next to this world class skatepark. Over 40 of the top European and international pros descend upon this park and go all out for 5 days in a row. The ams start the event off right with some amazing skateboarding from many of the locals who tear this park up. Everyday the park has crazy cross cross sessions of gnarly skating and every night is a fun party in the village with all the locals and riders. The qualifications start on the next day and riders like Chris Gregson, Vince Matheron, Stephan Boussac, and Felipe Foghino battle it out to make the cut for the next day. 540's, kickflip indys and huge airs are blasted all over the park with some unreal transfers between the bowls.

The following days consisted of some of the most insane bowl riding I have ever seen. Near misses, crazy crashes and some of the wildest skateboarding is common place at this event. The quarter and semi finals went off with riders flying off the hips and killing tricks on the 5 foot vert extension. In the end the cuts were made and the top 5 riders would prepare like gladiators for the super final. Before the finals the women's final went down and the future is bright for women's skateboarding. The top 5 women battled it out for a prize purse of euros and Roxzi Bokolas emerged the victor.Felipe Foguinho

The men's finals were set to go and it was one of the craziest finals I have ever seen. Pedro Barros was killing the wall and the transfers while Alex Sorgente was on a full speed attack flying off the extension with a huge rocket air that sealed his victory. Stephan Boussac and Danny Leon also placed in the top 5 and both riders were absolutely killing it. The finals ended and the crowd of thousands yelled and screamed for more. The event ends with a huge after party and all the riders congregate in the village and rip it until late into the night. Big thanks to all the production crew, the BSM crew, the Mouss Brothers, and everyone who makes this event a success every year. This event gets better every year and will continue to grow and Marseille will always be a stop on the world tour for AIS. Merci Beaucoup.

Emile Janicot Announcer

Mens Top 52015 Marseille Mens Podium
1. Alex Soregnte
2. Pedro Barros
3. Robin Bolain
4. Danny Leon
5. Stephan Boussac

Ladies Top 5
1. Roxzi Bokolas         
2. Cloe Bernard          
3. Valeria Bertaccini    
4. Silvia Serret     
5. Margot Waslet

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CLICK HERE for Gallery courtesy of Virginia Fernandes

If you missed the live web cast of the Sunday's Semi's and Finals action you can watch below.

Saturday web cast


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