Red Bull Bowl Rippers

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2016

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Friday - Sunday, Sept 2-4, 2016
The Prado Bowl, Marseille, France.
INVITATIONAL Men's Pro Transition


To mark the 25th Anniversary of the Marseille Bowl, Red Bull Bowl Rippers will explore the next level of bowl riding by building out new modules within the park to create NEW lines in this legendary Marseille spot. Possibilities and boundaries will for sure be pushed with this new era of the Marseille Bowl du Prado evolution!

The event will be aired live on, and other channels.

Sept 1st: Arrival in Marseille & practice time
Sept 2nd: Registration & first official practice
Sept 3rd-4th: Contest days

Please check back for more detailed competition schedule, and other event info.

Confirmed skaters

Pedro Barros
Alex Sorgente
Vincent Matheron    
Stephan Boussac    
Robin Bolian    
Julien Benoliel    
Remi Wacker    
Danny Léon    
Jordan Tackeray    
Ivan Frederico    
Jacopo Carrozzi        
Martino Cataneo        
Jaime Mateu    
Bjorn Lillesoe    
Dannie Carlsen    
Alex Halford        
Jake Collins    
Sam Beckett        
Fernando Bramsmark        
Kalle Berglind                                    
Vi Kakinho        
Felipe Foguinho    
Murilo Peres                
Willy Lara            
Cory Juneau    
Josh Borden        
Chris Russell        
Tom Schaar        
Cody Lockwood        
Josh Rodriguez    
Kevin Kowalski        
Greyson Fletcher    
Brad  McClain        
Chris Gregson    
Trey  Wood    
Charlie Blair                                        
Aurelien Giraud            
Tyler Edtmayer           




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