Ohhh my Excelent Mystic SK8 Cup!!!!

 The 21st annual Excellent Mystic cup was one of the gnarliest, fun, most amazing skate comps ever.DSC07970 The week starts out with a crazy welcome party and hundreds of skaters descend upon the mystic park. The wood bowl and street course are some of the best in Europe and some of the most amazing skateboarding goes down all week. Riders from over 25 different countries skate party and rock all week long. The qualifications start with many European riders battling it out to make the cut for the next day. Amazing tricks and incredible skating all day long. At night everyone goes into the festival village and Suicidal Tendencies played a ripping set with classics from the 80s and beyond. The crowd of over 7000 went wild. What a night!

The next two days were a battle blur of crazy skating, partying and hanging out with friends from all over the world. The men's street and bowl finals were absolutely amazing and the ladies street final was super sick as well. The progression of skating in Europe has gained the world's attention and it's great to see so many new riders going for broke.
The final day had some of the craziest skating the raddest music and friendships2015 06 29 MysticCup Bailgun 6635 that will last a lifetime. Prague is an incredible city and the locals always make you feel at home. This event has been going for over 20 years and is as strong as ever and the Mystic crew aim to keep it that way. Thanks so much to all the Mystic production crew, Volcom, AIS and all the skaters from all over the world for making this a truly international event and one for the ages.

Emile Janicot

Men’s Street Top 5
1. Maxim Habanec
2. Martin Pek
3. Danny Leon
4. Ryo SejiriDSC07750
5. Simon Deprez 
Ladies Street Top 5
1. Leticia Bufoni    
2. Julia Brueckler   
3. Eugenia Ginepro   
4. Asia Zanzi         
5. Aura Bredart         

Men’s Bowl Top 5
1. Alex Sorgente      
2. Pedro Barros           
3. Danny Leon          
4. Ivan Federico       
5. Chris Gregson

CLICK HERE for complete 2015 Excelent Mystic SK8 Cup results

CLICK HERE for Gallery courtesy of Gerd Rieger at

CLICK HERE for Gallery 2 courtesy of Jovani Prochnov

CLICK HERE for Gallery 3 courtesy of Jovani Prochnov

Day 3 Sunday video highlights

EXCELENT MYSTIC SK8 CUP 2015 - DAY 3 from Mystic Skates on Vimeo.

Day 2 Saturday video hightlights

EXCELENT MYSTIC SK8 CUP 2015 - DAY 2 from Mystic Skates on Vimeo.

Day 1 Friday video highlights

EXCELENT MYSTIC SK8 CUP 2015 - DAY1 from Mystic Skates on Vimeo.

Here's a few more clips from the 2015 Excelent Mystic SK8 Cup

EXCELENT MYSTIC SK8 CUP 2015 ACTION CLIP from Mystic Skates on Vimeo.


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